Here you'll find resources intended to promote numeracy and make maths a more enjoyable topic: games, competitions, and cross-curricular resources.

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Other Number Systems

Does your school do Language of the Month? Use these resources to add a numeracy element to it every month!

Exploring other number systems is a great way to learn about place value and students really enjoy being able to see the patterns and write numbers in other languages. Here are some resources for different number systems:

Resource: Farsi Numbers

Resource: Hebrew Numbers

Resource: Gujurati Numbers

Resource: Kannada Numbers and answers

Resource: Urdu Numbers

Resource: Cantonese Numbers

Real Life Estimates

Making good estimates for quantities in real life is a very important skill, but one that many students struggle with. And justifying their estimates they find even harder! I once asked a class how long they spent on the toilet per week and one boy told me about 20 hours! This simple resource asks students to make and justify some estimates. You might want to change the town/county estimates to your local town/county. Students find this a fascinating exercise and love seeing how accurate they were.

Resource: Real Life Estimates

Food and Drink

It's very sad when people can't add up a shopping bill, or work out the change when paying for something. Here's a nice little activity, just a number of items with prices. I ask students to find a shopping bill as close to £10 as possible. They love the competitive element of it, and give it a real go. As a teacher you can ask lots of good questions about how much they have left to spend, estimation ("approximately how much have you spent?"), and what coins they'd get in change from the purchase. Excellent for picking up numeracy misconceptions.

Resource: Food and Drink Shopping

Maths in the News: Tuition Fees

There's been lots in the news recently about tuition fees with reports that the government won't make any savings from the new system because many graduates won't ever pay their loan back (BBC News). Have students work it out themselves with the resources below. I've been using these for years and it creates a lot of interest among students and plenty of good debate. Just make sure it doesn't put them off university for life!


Competitions that involve creativity about maths rather than just "Who is the best at maths" ones get a large variety of students taking part. Here are a few posters for a "funny statistics" competition:

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