Maths Resources

13 June 2013



Brackets and Factorising: An excellent booklet for expanding brackets and factorising both linear and quadratic expressions with a quiz to go with it. Give the students the quiz, then they set themselves a target based on it and go to the matching part of the booklet. In the booklet there is explanations, questions, and answers. It has been very successful in the past with students. Brackets and Factorising Book and Quiz.

Graphing Equations, Gradient: A fun game where students put equations into pairs based on their gradients or other properties and get a score for their matching. Students compete to get the highest score. Grade A level. Game Rules, Easy Equation Set, Harder Equation Set

Handling Data

Probability: A matching pairs activity where students match a spinner to a card saying the probability of two different outcomes for that spinner. As an extension students can make their own cards. Grade C level. Probability Spinner Card Match.


Buying Train Tickets Use some basic numeracy and investigative skills to find the cheapest way of getting the train to school/work for a full year. Great real life numeracy work I've actually had to do myself! Buying Train Tickets

HCF/LCM: Using Euclid's Algorithm to find the Highest Common Factor of two numbers, and comparing it to other methods for finding HCF. Euclid's Algorithm HCF; Answers are 4,8, and 4.

Students plan their own dinner using these great resources - picking and then scaling recipes for their guests, writing a timetable for the cooking, and working out the nutritional information. This takes three to five lessons depending on their skill level. I'd suggest teaching a skill - like equivalent ratios or the unitary ratio for 20 minutes and then letting them use that in the dinner party context. Students really enjoy this working in groups of two or three.

Shape and Space

Bearings: an interesting investigation involving finding a route to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight using bearings. Students look for the shortest possible route. It's a good idea to follow it with a plenary about fractals when discussing why the route the hogs the coastline is not the best route. Isle of Wight Bearings Sheet.